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At A and J Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to the wellbeing and improvement of our patients. We specialize in therapy for children and young adults in Los Angeles, CA. Our compassionate team works closely with patients and their families to achieve positive developmental outcomes. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, call us to schedule a consultation with an experienced therapist.

Our patients receive individualized treatment in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. In-home visits are also available to suit the needs of our patients. We apply evidence-based approaches to achieve optimal results.

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We understand your struggles and that is why our programs are individualized to your family’s needs. Our goal is to use proven techniques that help patients develop their communication skills, improve their behavior, and more. The support that our therapists provide is personalized to meet the requirements of each unique patient. With the right therapeutic intervention, patients and their families can experience an improved quality of life.

We draw on a variety of approaches to help our patients. Based upon the patient's needs, we may recommend ABA therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, or other forms of behavioral therapy that benefit both the child / adolescent and parent. At your consultation, we will review these therapies with you.

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