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ABA Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

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For children with autism and other developmental disorders, applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy is an exceptionally effective approach to treatment. At A and J Behavioral Health, our areas of specialization include ABA therapy in Los Angeles, CA. If your child has been diagnosed with autism or a behavioral disorder, reach out to us for the support you and your child need.

Reach out to us today to request a free consultation or more information about ABA therapy in Los Angeles. We can even provide guidance and support if you are unsure of your child’s diagnosis. Our professionals are here to find the answers you need related to your child’s emotional and developmental issues. Count on us to perform a thorough evaluation, discuss your options, and create a personalized plan to determine your next steps.

Child Learning

The Benefits

ABA treatments have proven to be exceptionally effective as therapy for autism and behavioral disorders. Some of the many benefits of ABA therapy include improved social, communication, and learning skills. The goal of ABA therapy is to reduce negative behaviors while simultaneously encouraging positive ones. This is achieved through positive reinforcement and an understanding of how behavior is affected by the environment. Applied behavioral therapy aims to identify the cause of certain behaviors in order to arrive at new and healthier patterns. In the process, many patients see improvements in focus, memory, and academic skills.

Compassionate Specialists

We appreciate the challenges that you and your child experience. That is why our therapists are committed to maintaining a calm, enjoyable, and productive environment where your child can learn, grow, and thrive. You are sure to feel welcomed by our team of compassionate and empathetic specialists, all of whom welcome the opportunity to support you and your child.

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