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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

If your child has been diagnosed with autism or a behavioral disorder and requires therapeutic intervention, A and J Behavioral Health is here to help. Our comprehensive services include parent-child interaction therapy in Los Angeles, CA. This approach to therapy is interactive and helps children develop social skills. It addresses problematic behaviors such as aggression and defiance and helps children develop more positive patterns of behavior.

Parent-child interaction therapy is highly beneficial for families and caregivers. It promotes a sense of cooperation in children and builds the parent-child bond. To learn more, call us to schedule a free consultation.

Mother and Daughter

Effective Therapy for Parents and Children

Developmental disorders can cause distress for the patient and the family. It is common for families to require counseling and support in order to manage their circumstances. Our therapists will teach you to interact with your child in ways that develop your attachment and equips him or her with the proper tools for healthy socialization, learning, and more.

Our therapists are ready to sit down with you and develop your child's personalized treatment plan. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are ready to get started. We look forward to working with you.

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