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Autism Floortime Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

A and J Behavioral Health is dedicated to guiding patients toward optimal outcomes. Our services help patients with developmental and behavioral disorders build the skills they need to communicate, learn, and interact with others. Our behavioral approaches include autism floortime therapy in Los Angeles, CA. This method, often used in conjunction with ABA therapy, is an effective means of engaging children with autism.

Autism floortime therapy is a relationship-based approach. It involves getting on the floor to play and interact with the child on the child's level. Therapists coach parents on how to prompt interactions and lead children toward developmental milestones.

Toddler on Floor

Comprehensive Autism Therapy

At our behavioral health center, we provide a full range of support for our patients and their families. When it comes to autism treatment, your child receives a personalized plan that takes your family's needs into consideration. We offer compassionate care that helps individuals with autism develop the skills they need.

To speak with an experienced autism therapist, reach out to us. We are here to take your call and schedule your free initial consultation. As our patient, your child will receive the highest standard of treatment from a caring and knowledgeable therapist.

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