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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

A and J Behavioral Health specializes in autism, childhood development disorders, OCD, and other conditions. Each of our compassionate therapists is committed to providing patients with the highest standard of service. Schedule a consultation with us if you would like to discuss behavioral therapy in Los Angeles, CA.

Behavioral therapy is an effective approach to the treatment of anxiety, phobias, panic disorders, and more. Our patients participate in therapy sessions in a warm and welcoming environment. We apply evidence-based methods of helping patients develop positive patterns of thinking and behaving.

Behavioral therapy can help you and your child down the path to the answers you're looking for. It can be difficult for parents when their child is living with an undiagnosed developmental disorder or condition. Our therapists work with you and your child in a comfortable environment to determine your child's correct diagnosis and plan for continued development.

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Children that struggle with negative emotions, anxious thinking, or behavioral issues will be carefully evaluated and provided with a personalized treatment plan. We understand the importance of acknowledging the unique circumstances and needs of each child. Our behavioral therapists work closely with patients and their parents to help reach the desired outcome.

Therapy is a journey that looks a little different for everyone; there's no single roadmap that leads to the "cure." We update our treatment plans as needed to accommodate the patient's progress.

To speak with an experienced behavioral therapy specialist that knows how to identify patients' needs, please reach out to us. Based upon a patient's assessment, we may recommend one or more of the following approaches:

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