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Compassionate Early Intervention Therapy in Los Angeles

We want children to feel protected and safe throughout their lives; they are our first priority which means when there are signs your child is developing delays or disabilities, reach out to us. A and J Behavioral Health is here to provide various services for children and families, and we will schedule a free consultation if you have concerns. Put your trust in us for early intervention therapy in Los Angeles, and we will create a personalized treatment plan to address your child’s unique needs.

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Early Intervention Counseling

Early intervention takes on many forms and varies based on the specific needs of your child. Treatments we may include are speech therapy, physical therapy, or other services based on your child’s requirements. You can rest assured that we apply evidence-based methods to treat your child, always with their best interest in mind.

Our children’s therapist will conduct exercises with your child and provide counseling for you; that way, you can learn how to best help your child reach the next developmental milestone. Our early intervention therapy has successfully helped many families and children, and we always welcome the opportunity to help you and your child, too.

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