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Parents that require the services of a child therapist in Los Angeles need to feel confident in the care they provide. It’s not enough that the professional has the qualifications and training; they need to connect with the individual they are trying to help. When you want to know your child is in good hands, look no further than A and J Behavioral Health.

Confidence in Care

We understand you need reassurance that we can help. We invite you to browse our reviews and learn from other parents what we can accomplish with various treatments like applied behavioral therapy. Our process includes individualized care tailored to your child’s circumstances and compassionate child therapists dedicated to everyone’s success. 

Progress Updates

We will keep you apprised of your child’s progress, answer any questions about their therapy, and include you in every decision. Parents are a critical aspect of a child’s accomplishments, and your support throughout the process is vital.

Diagnosis and treatment are a journey, and together we will create transformative opportunities for everyone to flourish and grow. Allow previous clients to tell you their stories and discover why we come so highly recommended. If you have any questions about our child therapy treatments, please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

"I took my son in for an evaluation based on the recommendation of his teacher. We met with the doctor who inquired about the behaviors we and his teacher had been noticing. After meeting with him, a sweet woman came to help put together what they call a treatment plan. Overall, the evaluation gave me a sense of relief, knowing my son was going to get help. We recently were assigned a teacher who comes 2-3 times a week. She works directly with my son. And he loves her! We are thinking of adding a weekend date, as we are already seeing the benefits of this therapy. Making the choice to get help and see this agency was the best thing I think I could have done for my little guy. Looking forward to continuing! "
Heather S

"My wife and I were going from pediatrician to neurologist to psychologist and we had no answers on how to help our youngest daughter. All Of the supposed doctors said “there is nothing wrong with her” but my wife and I knew better. Once we called A and J we realized they were pediatric child specialists that could help us. Pediatricians are only interested in passing you on to a neurologist who truly doesn’t know anything about mental health. They wanted to put our daughter on medication and we couldn’t figure out why since she was not aggressive. We refused to put her on medication since she didn’t need it. The neurologist just said this medication will make her less anxious. I wasn’t sure she was anxious or just didn’t know how to behave or function in society. Since starting with A and J a couple of months ago we have seen a dramatic improvement. The Senior staff is helping educate and train us as well to help her on a daily basis. She is starting to interact more and seems happier. Thank you so much :))"
– Justin D

"Recently my insurance company was attacking A and J Behavioral. My child has received flawless services from A and J for over 2 years and my child Ava has been massively improving. At 5 years old she is finally potty trained and can answer questions. Before A and J Ava didn’t speak at all. So when my insurance company was attacking A and J for several years and chased them out of network I felt horrible for them since they are probably not going to be paid over a million dollars because of my insurance company. All the employees at A and J Behavioral walked me through the process of using them as an out of network provider. Thank goodness I still have my therapist from A and J Behavioral!!"
– Jon B

"As a mother of a child that had fairly obvious issues to me but yet was not obvious to many health practitioners before I came to A and J Behavioral Health. A and J recognized the issues and formulated a detailed plan to help. We have been with A and J for only a few months, but my daughter has made great progress! Thank you for listening and helping!"
– Emily T

"I don’t know what to say. The bcba and therapist taught my child how to maintain eye contact and respond to her name. I couldn’t be more thrilled. They are the best!:)))"
– Cindy

"The therapists have been so professional and caring. This has been a difficult time for me and my family. In 2013 my child was diagnosed with a disability and everyone at A and J has helped us cope and help Mylie develop social skills. I can’t help but say the greatest things about A and J! They are the best!"
– Allison Smith

"I can't say enough about the caring staff. A year ago my son was not able to attend school because he was very disruptive and now he is a model student. Thank you to all at A and J Behavioral Health!!"
– David Steinberg